About David Janeson

David Janeson is a Winnipeg-based supporter of many Manitoba-related causes. Along with his wife, Lori, he runs Gull Harbour Marina, a distinctive resort property on the southwestern shore of Lake Winnipeg.

David Janeson and New Iceland

Gull Harbour is located on Hecla Island, in the heart of the historic community of New Iceland. First settled by Icelandic emigres in 1875, the New Iceland area is today home to more than 25,000 Canadians of Icelandic descent, approximately 35% of the total population of Canadians who claim Icelandic heritage. New Iceland is a major component of the Icelandic diaspora — were it an enclave of Iceland proper, it would account for approximately 10% of the island’s total population.

Janeson is passionate about preserving the heritage and character of his home region. His ongoing refurbishment of Gull Harbour incorporates New Icelandic history, and Janeson advocates for local festivals such as the annual Íslendingadagurinn.

Gull Harbour Marina and the Maskwa Project

When he’s not doing his part to raise awareness of New Iceland, David Janeson works closely with the Maskwa Project, a Winnipeg-based youth organisation that supports after-school and summer programming for at-risk youngsters. He devotes substantial time and resources to Maskwa’s retreat, located not far from Gull Harbour Marina.

An avid outdoorsman, Janeson spends his summers mountain biking the trails around Gull Harbour and his winters ice fishing just offshore. Lori is an accomplished kayaker; both are devoted stewards of Lake Winnipeg, which faces myriad ecological threats from agriculture, point-source pollution, and climate change.